Guest Testimonials

Whenever I walk in to Kocourek Ford Lincoln I notice one thing immediately and that's how welcome you feel without the sales 
pressures that you feel from other dealers. All I need to do is tell anyone that I'm looking for "Pete" and they all seem to 
know if he's busy, or with another customer, or if I can go right in to his office. To me that is the definition of a team. 
Knowing what each other is doing at all times.  I mention "Pete" (Pete Roth) because I have now been dealing with him for 21 
years. It is because of his attention to detail, his knowledge of the product and his overall professionalism that has made me a repeat buyer from him for all these years. His straight forward, no nonsense, no hassle sales approach is second to none and it is a style that others look up to. It is a style that has kept me coming back to him time and time again. If you have 
any type of question he will answer it, or get it answered to your satisfaction in a realistic time.
Greg- Wausau


Hi Keith ­
I received your card in the mail, and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to tell you how incredibly impressed I am 
with your staff and your business practices. We bought a vehicle from Kocourek in Rib Mountain last September, but started to realize it wasn't the best vehicle to fit our needs. A few weekends ago we talked to Rooster at Kocourek in Rib Mtn again, but there wasn't anything on their lot that had everything we were looking for. He suggested we go down to Kocourek Hyundai Kia., which is where we went.  Larry at Kocourek Hyundai Kia was very helpful. He showed us a few vehicles, and we thought we had found the one! He was  friendly and knowledgeable. Once we had driven the new vehicle, they appraised our trade ($2000 more than any other dealer in the area) and we were .ready to come back on Monday with a check from the bank! After leaving the lot and doing more research into the vehicle we were interested in, we realized it didn't have a big enough  engine to do the kind of towing we were looking for. We were disappointed, because we really liked the atmosphere at Kocourek and were hoping we could make a deal. We went back to tell them we weren't going to be able to purchase the vehicle, and Travis told us he could find the vehicle we're looking for. He asked us' a few simple questions, did a lot of research, and 
ended up finding the PERFECT vehicle for us. He sent a driver over to MN to pick up the new vehicle, and we were excited to 
come pick it up! He could have very easily tried to sell us something already on the lot, but he went above and beyond to 
make sure we had exactly the vehicle we were looking for. When we got to the lot to look at the vehicle for the first time, 
we noticed that the tires were very worn and would need to be replaced soon, but everything else was in perfect condition. 
Travis saw my husband examining the tires, and told us not to worry, because he had already ordered four brand new tires for 
the vehicle! We were prepared to have to invest money for a set of new tires, but Travis was already one step ahead of us, 
exceeding our expectations. Since both my husband and I work, we thought it might be an issue to find a time to get the 
vehicle over to the store to get the new tires installed. Again, our expectations were exceeded -Larry drove to my workplace, took my new vehicle, and left a new model car for me to drive back to the dealership. It was incredibly hassle-free, and was 
another way Kocourek went above and beyond for me. I'm probably forgetting other instances throughout this experience where 
your staff exceeded my expectations, but I wanted you to know how incredibly grateful I am for the superior service that has been provided to me! Larry and Travis have made life-long Kocourek customers out of my husband and myself, and we appreciate everything they've done for us.
Bethany -Wausau

Dear Mr. Kocourek,
I wanted to take the time to remind you again what a great job your employees are doing for your customers on a daily basis. Recently, on our trip north for our one-week summer vacation our Hyundai SUV limped off the highway at the, intersection of US 51 and Hwy 29. We coasted into the truck stop parking lot. With all the warning lights on the dashboard illuminated. Bummer....Friday afternoon at 3:30....the heat index well into the 90's.... Now what???  My husband, our puppy and I trudged up the hill to your Chevrolet dealership and met Tim Johnson. Tim immediately took charge, dispatched a wrecker and contacted Grant at your Hyundai dealership location. A friendly and kind face in "our storm". . . .. . Once we were carted over to your Hyundai dealership we met Grant Rainville who had already made arrangements with Enterprise car to get us back on the road and back to our vacation that evening. He assured us that the car would be diagnosed early Monday morning and he would call and let us know the next step. Grant was even kind enough to drop my husband off at  the Enterprise car lot on his way home to save us the time of waiting for them. In the big picture, you and even Tim and Grant might say, they were just "doing their job" This might be, the case, but when you are the person in the eye of the storm so to is so very much appreciated that folks like Grant and Tim it makes a point to ease the weary and provide great customer service! Basic as it might be, it Was done With sincerity and was highly appreciated. I strongly believe that a culture of a company starts at the top and hats off to you!Wishing you continued success.
Bonnie and Greg -
Middleton, WI

Sales men opening the door for you when they see you coming, offering you coffee, or something else to drink, plus cookies, 
you have customer appreciation day, they smile and make you feel welcome, I did not have that at the other dealership I went 
to for 9 years. My salesman, Michael Wasmundt made sure I understood things he explained, and helped me over and over again 
with On star on my phone. Tom, the financial man, also was very nice and helpful. Customers want honesty, and excellent 
customer service, I feel great because I feel I got this from Michael and Tom at Kocourek. Everyone there makes customers 
want to come back because of their friendliness.

Dear Keith,
Thank you very much for having Travis Tilton address my "our" trade in concern from April 30th. We really appreciate the 
effort that was put forth to put us at ease. I'm enjoying our remote starter and once my husband returns from Afghanistan, he
will too! Especially come winter! Anyway... it is hugely appreciated! Thank you again! Our Kia Sorento is fantastic! P.S. 
Thank Travis from our family as well!
Melanie & Family - Minocqua

Just wanted to write a quick Thank You to A.J. in the service department who went above and beyond and really helped me out 
when my car died a couple of weeks ago. Thanks a million, you're the best!
Becky M.- Wausau

To the Kocourek Sales & Service Teams,
We brought our Ford Windstar van in to fix a recall & a steering noise and a few other things. We received outstanding 
service and attention with smiles. It was refreshing! We would really like to thank Brian and the service dept.and I dearly appreciate Brian, the supervisor, working with us. Without the help, I would not have been able to  attend work or provide for my family. It's amazing how two people from one company can make such a difference. My husband and I really appreciate the caring attitude and understanding of the Kocourek family. Thank you so much.
Susan and Wayne - Wausau

This was my first new car purchase ever, and the experience was awesome! They went above and beyond to satisfy me and my 
family, and they were extremely courteous and helpful. It's the best experience I've ever had buying a car, and I would 
recommend Kocourek to everyone I know that is looking for a new car.... completely awesome!
Maxwell - Wausau

Manager of Kocourek Chevrolet,
We wanted to let you know of the excellent customer service we received from one of your employees, Tony Long. We were 
driving from Fort Atkinson to Minocqua on Sept. 1st when we noticed a noise. My husband checked the oil, fluids, and tires, 
and couldn't find anything wrong. This was near Mosinee. When we were close to Wausau, he said I think we better check this 
out. He pulled into your garage and asked if someone could take it for a drive. It was determined that both front bearings 
were loose. We were advised that it wouldn't be good to drive to Minocqua and then back to Fort Atkinson. There was a time 
slot in your dealership where it could be fixed. Tony told us the approximate cost and wait time. So that is what we did. 
Shopped and had lunch while we waited. When it came time for payment, I asked if there were any discounts out there, as the 
bill was over $1,000. He looked on the computer and said there was a 10% discount from GM. ($100 savings was great!) The 
other employees were also courteous and helpful. It's awful to have car trouble, but your employees made it less stressful. 
Thank You!
Carl and Sue

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a great job your staff does for us. After being a loyal customer of 
yours for the past four years, I can honestly say that I wouldn't take my vehicles anywhere else. My wife and I have both a 
2007 Chevy Tahoe and a 2007 Nissan Altima that we purchased from your stores. Everyone I interact with is always upbeat and 
friendly. Warren Kaye- We purchased our Altima from Warren over 4 years ago. He was great to work with and he is always in 
touch with us to wish us a happy birthday and to say hello. Perry Burgard- Perry is always there for us when we bring the 
vehicle in for service. He definitely goes the "extra mile" to make sure everything is taken care of. I wouldn't take my 
Nissan anywhere else. Molly Lang- Molly has been my trusted advisor for all my Chevrolet vehicles for the last four years as 
well. Whether it was my 2004 Avalanche or my 2007 Tahoe, I can always trust Molly to keep the truck in top working condition.
Jeff Keller- My thanks to you would not be complete without mentioning Jeff. I have known Jeff ever since he came to this 
area. It was because of him that I first came to your stores. Although we had a friendship prior to his employment with you, 
I know he truly sets the business relationship. His customer service has always set the pace, and by all means everyone else 
at your stores has always been right there behind him. Please be sure to give these individuals on your team a "high five." 
They deserve it. Also, thank you. It is no secret that you are definitely doing something right. You really help bring this 
community to a better place with your businesses and everything you personally do to give back. Next time I see you in the 
drive through at Starbucks, I'm buying.
Bob - Wausau 


Mr. Keith Kocourek,
Last Friday, July 22nd, my husband Kevin and I were driving our Santa Fe north on Highway 51 when the engine cut and we came 
to a grinding halt. We fortunately were able to restart it with the orange engine light still on and I quickly used the Santa Fe Quick Reference Guide to call the 800 number for Roadside Assistance. I was given the phone number for your Grand Avenue 
dealership and for our lucky day, I was put through to Grant Rainville. He told us how to get off the highway, how to get to 
the Grand Avenue location and when we arrived, pretty frantic, he was as calm as can be and told us he would get right to 
work on the car. It was Friday afternoon, about 3 p.m. and we couldn't imagine a worse scenario for getting help. We were on 
our way to a wedding my husband was doing in Mercer, and then to Minneapolis to bury my recently deceased mother. I tell you 
all of this personal business only to say we were not out for a joy ride. This trip was hugely important to us and a number 
of others who were depending on us. We sat down in your very clean and comfortable lounge and helped ourselves to the coldest bottle of water ever, and we were just so thankful to have found you. The man of the day was Grant. He was and is such a pro.
Not just calm in the face of those two glazed over faces he was staring at, but friendly in a professional way... calming... 
steady. We had immediate faith in his ability to get the job done. And he did. In an hour, he came into the waiting area with
a smile and told us our job was finished. He explained in lay terms what the problem had been, and had the car washed and 
sitting out front, ready for us to jump in to. After all, he said, no one should show up to a wedding with a dirty car. He is
a gem... he obviously sets the tone for the entire group, since everyone with whom we came in contact with was great. I wouldn't let the opportunity pass without praising Grant's work. He is a magnificent employee and we are unbelievably 
grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting him last Friday.
Susan- IL

Thank you very much for your “above and beyond” effort to make sure our Elantra was delivered Saturday.  As you know, we had 
made complicated arrangements so our son and his wife could take our old car, fixed up, properly insured, and title transfer 
paperwork complete, back home to Eau Claire on Sunday.  Without the Elantra for us to use, that would not have been possible The kids were thrilled instead of disappointed, and since they both started new jobs today, having both of their cars was 
very important.  We very much appreciate the fact that you stayed on the case, Henry, to make sure we were able to get our 
Elantra, even after another dealer hosed you guys on an agreed upon trade.  You also did a fine job of orienting us to the 
car.  If Patti ever lets me drive it, I’m sure I’ll have some follow up questions to ask. We also appreciate your efforts, Curtis, and that you did a nice job of working through the paperwork with us.  The final deal stands up to what we agreed upon in the first place, even after my always skeptical approach was satisfied by reading the final bill of sale carefully for the third time!  In our business, we attract and retain clients by keeping our word.  It appears that your firm does the same.  Please make sure that those employees who came in and/or stayed late on Friday to get our car ready to deliver the next morning know that we are grateful to them as well.  Despite Hyundai’s issues with meeting high demand and with distributing their cars to dealers in the Midwest, we are very pleased with our experience at Kocourek, and grateful that your firm helped us keep our word to our kids. Feel free to forward this e-mail to Mr. Kocourek, or give me his address or e-mail and I will send him a note. Thanks again to all, and especially to Henry. We expect to love this car for a long time to come..


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your team for taking such good care of Tracy, my son’s girlfriend. She 
was pretty frantic, and you guys could not have handled the situation any better. I’m very impressed, with Audi, and with Kocourek Imports – you guys definitely made a believer out of me. I’m not surprised that you’ve been so successful with that level of service. You guys genuinely cared – and for that I’m very grateful.
Best wishes – hope you have an amazing rest of the summer. Thanks again for exceeding my expectations.

To whom it may concern,
I purchased a vehicle through your Kia location on Grand Ave last week and I just wanted to let you know what a phenomenal 
job my salesman, Henry Barnes did.  He was receptive to my needs and wants in a vehicle, never trying to “up-sell” me which 
is always frustrating as a customer.  He went the extra mile to find the car that was right for me and was always friendly, 
polite, and very personable.  I will recommend him and Kocourek to anyone I know looking for a vehicle.  Thank you!
Please feel free to share this with Henry, I would like him to know what a great experience I had working with him!

Dear Keith,
I just purchased a wonderful 2009 Volks. Tiguan from one of your sales associates, Pete Roth. My husband and I can not 
express enough what a wonderful professional job he did for us! We were in the market for a Tiguan and found this pretty blue one on the internet.  We decided to stop and take a look while we were on our way to our Summer fishing trip.  Pete greeted us with a friendly smile. He showed us the nice features of the vehicle and took us for a test drive, at no time did we feel “salesman pressure” to buy.  He made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions clearly. We were not sure if we could purchase this vehicle being so far away from home, but he assured us it was an easy process.  He was correct!  We purchase the Tiguan that day, processed the paper work with Matt and were on our way to catch some fish.  On our way back home, we came back to pick up our Tiguan, and again Pete was there  to greet us with our newly washed car parked in the showroom window.  He again went over some of the features in the Tiguan and thanked us for our purchase.  Then we drove our new car home to Peshtigo. We have been married 28 years and have purchased many cars during that time, some used, some new.  This dealership was by far the most professional place we have been---Salesmen like Pete make all the difference! We will definitely recommend Kocourek and be back in the future.   
Jeff and Laura Peshtigo, WI


Kocourek is an excellent dealership. The people of every department were extremely friendly and helpful. Great service from Ted Steebs at Hyundai Kia.


Great experience. Jim Schilt was outstanding as salesman. Great dealership.


Thank you for your kind thank you card for our recent purchase at Kocourek.I would like to commend your staff, in the order that we met them, for their superb service. The receptionist, Elena, I believe, my hearing at times fails, who directed us to the person we needed to see to get our business started. Very friendly and professional. Next, Travis, who listened to what we were looking for in regards to loan parameters and monthly payments and did the work to get the deal done, a big thanks to Travis! Travis then introduced us to Al Spindler, who quite frankly is amazing when it comes to the knowledge of each and every vehicle he showed us. He displayed patience as well as knowledge which greatly added to our confidence in our purchase of the SUV we finally decided upon. Finally, Carey Harder, who just happened to play little league at the same place as I did many years ago, how cool is that!, but he finalized all of the paperwork for us with an easy sense about him. All in all it was a truly wonderful experience for us shopping at Kocourek, and a dealership that we will recommend to everyone. If one could feel Blessed after a purchase, well, we indeed were Blessed!
Thanks again.

Roger & Gina

Thank you so much for your assistance last week when my Aveo died on me and stranded me in
Wausau. Everyone was so kind and helpful. I love my new Impala.

Best experience so far at a VW Dealership. Paul Wausau 6-14-11

Dear Mr. Kocourek,
We recently purchased a Ford Fusion from Kocourek Ford-Lincoln-Mercury. We’re very pleased
with the automobile, and positively impressed by the professional conduct of your people.
They are well taught and personally motivated in principles of customer satisfaction. Pete
Roth was just right for guiding us to the selection we ultimately made, and for thoroughly
taking us through the process. He has followed through after the sale via e-mail, U S mail,
and phone, in a way that would make you and your management pleased and proud.
Bob and Matt each showed us why it would be in our best interest to invest in two
additional items (Glass coat and extended warranty), overcoming my frugality in the nicest
way. Later, Jose’ in service diligently scheduled the aftermarket work on this automobile
to coincide with Ford factory recall service on our 2004 F-150, so we could accomplish
everything in one trip to Wausau. Additionally, we have received your thank you card, as
well as a very nice letter from your General Manager, Mr. Raymond Carter.
Congratulations to all of you, on a job well done! Obviously, it is your mission to EARN
customer satisfaction; you have succeeded with us. It shall be our pleasure to recommend
Kocourek whenever we have the opportunity.
Best regards,
Bruce & Joan

All in all, my wife and I had a nice day for something nobody likes to take time out to do.
Your staff, and the service man that found and fixed the squeak in my wives bug, were
exceptional. Nice men, who knew their job. A big thank you to everyone, including John the
shuttle driver, who was very nice and prompt also. Thanks to all that made a nice day for
us yesterday. Marcia and Elmer

The coffee and those cookies were great. I was really hungry and those cookies hit the
spot. I will look forward to them when I return for my next service.

The staff at Kocourek Chevrolet was extremely gracious and knowledgeable and made the
purchase of my Chevrolet Equinox a pleasant experience. I will not hesitate to recommend
Kocourek and Mike Wasmunsdt and friends.

This is a follow-up with a recent experience that a friend of the family, Shannon, had when
purchasing a car and the servicing of my Nissan Maxima. Once again, great
professionalism and care were evident.
Before contacting Terry Schuett, Shannon called a dealership in Milwaukee, the sales person
referred to him as “dude”. When speaking with Terry, he was called “sir”. Shannon
appreciated the manner in which Terry dealt with him.
I called Terry on Saturday to see if it was possible to have service work done on the
Maxima on Monday when Shannon was driving to Wausau. He said that he was unsure about
this, but would call me on Monday. At 7:00 Monday morning he called to say that the
appointment was set.
Once again, Shannon and I received the excellent service that my family and I have always
received from the dealerships.

We just love our Santa Fe. Thanks for all your help and patience, especially when we came
in and gave you "heart failure". We told all of our friends about our experience and
highly recommended you as the salesman to go to.

Jim Shilt,
I just wanted to thank you for helping me purchase my new Hyundai. This is my 5th in the
last 15 years and I really LOVE it. It is a beautiful car and I feel safe and proud to be
driving it.

Jeff Keller,
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful all the people I have come into contact with at
Kocourek have been and how it has been a pleasure to deal with them all. I decided to look
for my next vehicle and by chance we stopped here because we were in the area. Jordan was
the best salesman I have ever dealt with! He wasn’t pushy and gave us time to decide what
course we were going to take offering us a test drive right away. I took it home that day!
We had a problem with it shortly after we took it home. (We live 1 hour and 15 minutes
away) They had called and left a message at our house thanking me for my purchase and
telling me if there were any problems to just call. They just wanted me to be a happy
satisfied customer and gave me any phone number or name I could ever need. Wow they
totally impressed me. That’s not easily done as I'm not quite a trusting person with such
a large purchase. The first problem I had had me thinking, "great they will probably say O
well it's not our problem", but, I was shocked when you called to make sure I was taken
care of and happy. You actually stand behind your vehicles. Something you can’t say very
often these days. I have subsequently had a few more problems with the truck. I have
brought it back here every time because I trust everyone here! Mr. Keller, you were so
wonderful in your handling of everything, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your
caring and sincerity of your customers. I have and will recommend you in the future to
anyone needing a vehicle. Thank you and thank you to all the great people who make
Kocourek a great place to buy a vehicle.

July 1, 2011

Dear Keith,
Recently I have had need of service on my Audi A4 we purchased from you. One of your
employees, Matt Maguire, has done an outstanding job of making this a pleasurable
experience. We have had several situations where he could have let me down but he always
comes through. His professionalism and positive attitude are a credit to your dealership.
You must be proud to have such a fine employee at your company.
Customer satisfaction starts and ends with the attitude of the employee taking care of the
customer. Matt exceeds my expectations every time I work with him. Thank you and please
pass this note to his supervisor.
PS Thank you for the business you send our way.

Your service representative Mr. Matt Maguire is most definitely an asset to your
organization and I was most impressed with his politeness and friendly demeanor. If he is
any indication of the quality of your employees, you are indeed an organization to be
sought after. A very impressive and professional young man and it was a pleasure having him
serve us. Because of his respectful attitude and apparent knowledge of the automobiles he
is dealing with, we will be back for service and consider purchasing our next car from your
organization. Thank you.

Pete......Thought you might enjoy (with some frustration) this account:
Yesterday (Sunday) as we were just north of Antigo, headed home. A motorcyclist
who had been behind us for a bit, pulled up alongside us, and motioned for me to roll down
my window. When I finally figured out what he wanted, and complied, he shouted “How do you
like your Ford Fusion?” I responded, “We love it”. He said, “Great, I’ve been considering
buying one for my wife”. With that said, he gunned it and was on his way. I never had
opportunity to say any more or to give him your business card. I hope he at least had time
to read “Kocourek” on the back end of the car and that he will show up in your office.

Thanks, again, for all your help with my insurance issue. I haven’t received their
response, yet. They could benefit by attending some of Kocourek’s training sessions on
customer satisfaction.
Best regards,

Hi Keith –
I just wanted to take a minute to let you and your management team knows what an
exceptional sales consultant Allen Ward is at Kocourek Ford. My wife and I have recently
purchased a vehicle through your group, and we cannot be happier with the way we were
treated at your dealership. Over the last couple months we have visited many dealerships
and settled on yours, not because of what we purchased, but who we purchased from. Allen
treated us as a friend rather than a customer, and was very genuine and straightforward
with us. Because of his great personality and upbeat attitude, this is hands down the best
car buying experience we have had. I want to emphasize that because of Allen, we purchased
our car from your dealership and will continue coming back. I might also add that we were
very pleased with dealing with Matt Gabriel in the finance department; he too was also a
pleasure to work with.
Josh and Tina

Keith,when I  told you I wanted a Pathfinder by Fathers Day I never thought you would work so hard and fast for me. Jeff and Jordan did an excellent and professional job,from finding to delivery. I will always remember and recommend you and your staff for all my automotive needs,and I know after the sale Perry will take care of us.You have an excellent staff. John

Ray, Don and the Kocourek Ford Staff,
Thank you for staying open late so we could purchase our new (to us) Cobalt!  We love it!
Amanda and Matthew

May 21, 2011
Hello Al,
We want to personally thank you, Al Spindler, for your "top of the line" customer service
in our winding road to our new car purchase yesterday.
We love our 2011 Blue Sky Hyundai
Elantra! Your patience, knowledge and low pressure sales approach helped guide us in our 
new car decision. It was a difficult decision for us to change from our pervious mainstay 
of Ford/Chrysler vehicles..... but we did it! Right now we are ecstatic to have switched to Hyundai. Thank you for answering all of our many questions (and there will be more)!
The personal touch from both you and Travis made our experience at Kocourek one that
we  will drive around telling friends and family about.....most definitely!
So until our next  question(s) and another new car.
Thank you!
Todd and Jeanne

Lucas, Don and Ray,
Thank you so much for making the van possible for me.  You truly went above and beyond what
any other dealer would have done to help someone like me get a great vehicle that I can 
truly be proud of and call my own.  I can’t thank you all enough!  I owe you one!
Love you all!

We were very happy with the time spent helping us with all the details of the sale.  Ted 
was very helpful and we were unsure of the type of vehicle we wanted.  He pointed us in the right direction while explaining all the features of the vehicles we showed interest in.

ATTN: General Manager Kocourek Ford
The Ford Motor Company is fortunate to employ a person with the integrity, calm demeanor, 
and people skills displayed by Mr. Lucas Collar.  In our recent dealing with Mr. Collar, he exhibited professionalism from the on-set of our meeting. He ensured privacy to address the
issue, was knowledgeable and prepared, and was an attentive listener. He was respectful, 
sincere and polite at all times. Mr. Collar’s personal attributes contribute to making him 
an exceptional example of a Sales Manager. Both my husband and I appreciate Mr. Collar’s 
dedication to resolve the issue to our satisfaction. He has the unique ability to make one 
feel comfortable and relaxed in a stressful situation. It is our pleasure to write this 
letter regarding Mr. Collar’s stellar performance on behalf of the Ford Motor Company.
We look forward to dealing with Mr. Collar and Kocourek Ford in the future.
Sincerely, Irvin and Barbara

Dear Doug,
Thank you very much for making my first car buying experience a pleasantry. It was very 
kind of you to get my car fixed free of charge, and I cannot express how grateful I am for 
that. It runs so much better now, and I have a huge smile every time I go driving! Once 
again, I appreciate the help very much.
Jason Marshfield

Mr. Keith Kocourek,
I wanted to take the opportunity to express how happy I am with the customer service that I
received, while purchasing my brand new Ford Escape. The salesman Lucas Collar was a 
pleasure to deal with.  It's refreshing, and made my husband and my decision a lot easier 
dealing with great people. So, thank you for the great customer service that your business 
provides. I will make sure to tell my family, friends, and coworkers about Kocourek.
Amber Wausau

Dear Mr. Kocourek & General Manager,
I would like to share a happening on the morning of Saturday, November 20th, 2010.
I was traveling north to Merrill with my new 2011 Dodge 2500 pickup pulling a heavy 
enclosed trailer. I was unfamiliar with the tow/haul option and just by mere chance pulled 
into your dealership lot to investigate my manual, or place a phone call for assistance. I 
thought your garage was undoubtedly closed; but I was wrong. Shortly after my stop in your 
car lot, one of your sales representatives approached my vehicle to see if everything was 
alright. A Mr. Al Siikarla was just as pleasant and helpful as though I were looking to 
purchase a new vehicle that morning. He fully explained the tow/haul option of my truck 
and even some of the other features. We found Al most helpful and even talked about a few 
small social events. The event reminded me of the Lutheran commercial messages on 
television. It's like the one where the umpire calls the ball player out at home; but you 
see he really was safe. After the ball game, the umpire's car won't start. The called out 
ball player walks over to his vehicle to get his tools for assistance. He's a mechanic. 
It's these types of encounters which does your heart good. Al Siikarla is an excellent 
ambassador for your dealership. Our meeting with him that morning will take your dealership
promotion a lot further than considerable advertising dollars. I've shared the story with 
several friends and co-workers already. I know I'll stop to see Ai in the future and send 
other individuals his way.

Thank You AI, Charlie and the entire Kocourek Family! I just want the world to know what a 
Great experience and A Breath of Fresh Air this has been after thinking we would never get 
a reliable fair priced automobile. We found Kocourek and they went far beyond our 
expectations treating us great and working with us through some pretty high hurdles. You 
are the Cream of the Crop!  We love the Car too!!!!!
Sincerely Ruth, Wausau WI 

August 31, 2010
Dear Mr. Kocourek:
It has been a great pleasure dealing with your company. After our unfortunate accident 
after purchasing our 2010 Ford Fusion, our sales rep, Allen Ward, treated us first class, 
being the first one at the site of the accident with all equipment necessary to haul our 
damaged Ford Fusion back to the body shop. He also provided us with a ride home with all 
our possessions that were in the damaged car being transferred. Allen Ward assisted us with
all the confusing things that happen at such a time. To continue this service to us, he was
extra helpful in replacing our damaged vehicle with one with the same features as the 
previous one. We are very grateful for the wonderful help and service your sales person, 
Allen Ward, provided, and his follow-up with getting acquainted with the features of the new  Ford Fusion. I'm sure that he is a great asset to the Kocourek dealership. Mr. Kocourek, you and your company shall be highly recommended by me as a trusted company to have great confidence in.
Irvin Wausau

Jim was a great salesperson to work with! He was honest and very interested in getting us a
vehicle that was perfectly suited for our situation. He didn't push us to make a decision, 
but when we did the entire process was extremely fast.

Dear Mr. Kocourek
I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience and great deal my wife and I 
received when buying our 2011 Escape limited. Pete came through with a rock bottom price 
and a high trade in value the first time. Very refreshing. Aaron is new but did a top notch 

job taking care of all the paper work (he's a keeper). Bob took all the time we needed in 
explaining and setting up the Escape. And Joe in service has always taken great care of me 
all the way back to the Rosemurgy days. Also everyone was just great with our two young 
daughters. It sure made buying a car at Kocourek Ford, Lincoln, Mercury a wonderful 

Thanks for your willingness to work with me on my recent auto purchase.  I appreciate your 
patient attitude and your ability to listen to my concerns.  You and your staff will have a
recommendation from me.

Sometimes people don’t take time out to say thanks.  With my two trips to your service 
department I would like to say thanks to your service advisor Molly Lang.  She is an asset 
to your team.  I don’t anticipate any trips back soon but if need be I am sure your group 
will get the job done.  To you and Molly Lang, A very Merry Christmas.

Thanks a million to the 2 gentlemen (Ehren and Wade) who helped me (the Allied transport 
driver) get unstuck on Tuesday 12-14-10 in your parking lot.  They went above and beyond!  
It saved my company a $200.00 wrecker charge.  I can’t thank you enough.  Enclosed is some 
straps that will replace the one that was snapped. 

Greetings Mr. Kocourek,
I would like to tell you about a very impressive encounter I had at your Wausau Imports 
location. My neighbor Donna called me Saturday Dec. 4, and told me her car wouldn't start 
and she was at the Shopko in Wausau, I went there right away. She purchased her Altima in 
Oct, of 2009. I got there and checked the gauges. There was a warning emblem lit up, could 
not figure out what it was however I started it. Sounded good to me! So I went and parked 
my Murano which I purchased in Sept. of 2009. Got back in her car and drove out to Kocourek Wausau Imports. A very nice young man came out by the car to look at the emblem. He said it
was saying that there was low air pressure in her tires. He said I should drive around to 
the middle garage stall and he opened up the door and we drove in and he filled all 4 tires
which were quite low. He then explained that the light would probably stay on awhile until 
the computer acknowledged the correction. And yes indeed about 1 mile out the light went 
off. He was so very kind and polite and helpful. I wish I knew his name so you could give 
him a pat on the back, He was about 5' 10", glasses, younger maybe in mid 20's. He did 
above and beyond what I would have expected. By the way I suspect that the car really had 
no other problem that it wouldn't start. Donna is 82 and I bet she bumped the button that 
changes the setting for the outside temp, maintenance, miles per gallon and because it was 
not familiar to her she panicked and perhaps forgot to put her foot on the brake in order 
to start the car. I just wanted to thank you for having such a nice staff and going out of 
their way to help out. Both Donna and I had Lance J. for a salesperson and I recommend him 
to anyone I know that is thinking of buying a Nissan, or Volkswagen. The other autos are 
out of our league! Thank you for your time.
Vicki, Wausau WI

November 11, 2010
Mr. Kocourek:
I am a retired Marketing Manager and just purchased a car from your Ford Dealership.  We 
checked out five other dealers and one of the main factors that determined our purchase 
from your dealership was a sales rep named Bob Rowe.  He was very helpful and his product 
knowledge is excellent along with a very pleasant attitude.  Bob also introduced us to Ray 
Carver who impressed us with his willingness to work with us. 
Claire and Sam Wausau

October 30, 2010
Dear Mr. Kocourek,
I feel that it is important to tell you about the exceptional service I received when 
bringing my 2009 Nissan Altima in for service in October. Initially, I contacted the 
dealership via the webpage to see if they would be able to help with my dilemma. The next 
day I received a phone call from Perry Burgard to ensure that he had all the pertinent 
details in order to best serve me. I explained that I was from the Wausau area and had 
purchased my vehicle from Kocourek Wausau Imports earlier this year. Currently, I attend 
school in Chicago, due to limited program availability, and travel back to Wausau 
frequently. Since I am a student my finances are tight and I prefer to have my vehicle 
serviced in Wausau due to lower cost. However, my class schedule dictates that I arrive in 
Wausau late Friday evening and leave Sunday afternoon. After explaining my complicated 
situation to Perry, he assured me that he would do his best to try to assist me. He 
informed me he needed to check with his manager to see if he would be able to make an 
exception to the service hours for me. The next day, I received a phone call from Perry 
stating that he received permission from his manager to work on my vehicle on Saturday 
morning. I truly appreciate the willingness of your employees to go the extra mile.  I 
think that Perry should be commended for his excellent work and customer service. I will 
continue to bring my 2009 Nissan Altima to be serviced at Kocourek Wausau Imports as a 
result of his generosity. On account of the outstanding customer service that my husband 
and I have received; we are already planning to purchase our next vehicle from this 
dealership. We look forward to continuing the wonderful relationship that has been formed. 
Thank you for your time and consideration.

I was very pleased with everyone’s assistance. It is very apparent your organization has 
customer service as a priority. Great job!
My husband and I are loyal Chevy – GM customers. Over 33 years of marriage, we have had 
Camaros, 4 Monte Carlos, Chevy Vans, Chevy Trucks, currently a 50th anniversary Corvette 
and we have purchased 5 new Chevy Suburbans since 1990.  One was purchased from you, in 
2002. Since we live in Wis Rapids, we decided in 2008, we should purchase our new “burb” 
closer to home. But your excellent customer service has us rethinking what we should 
consider when we make another new car purchase later this year.
Thanks, Vicki

Great Customer Service Eric, I would like to thank you and the rest of the staff at 
Kocourek Ford for making my trade in experience a pleasant one. The numbers you quoted me 
on the phone were the same numbers as the final deal. No one made up an excuse as to why I 
would be given less for my vehicle or why the one I wanted would cost more. This is what 
has happened to me in previous dealings with some of our local dealers.
You and the Kocourek staff could teach a class on "Customer Service" and "Customer 
Satisfaction" to some of our local dealers.
It was well worth the 225 mile drive, one way, to meet and make a deal with Professionals.
Good luck on your upcoming wedding. Remember, "Yes Dear" is the right reply when your wife 
asks any/all questions.
By the way, my wife LOVES the car!
Thanks, Tony

April 20, 2011
Dear Mr. Kocourek:
My name is Monica. My husband, and I were recent guests at your
establishment. We wanted to take the time to let you know about the exceptional service
that we received from Jeff Keller.
We purchased a vehicle in November that just did not work out for us. In the 4 months we 
owned this vehicle, we built a great relationship with Jeff. He helped us through a number 
of different issues of a business and personal nature. Eventually, we decided that the best
course of action was to purchase a different vehicle. A couple of weeks ago, we purchased a
2006 Buick Lucerne. It is an amazing vehicle and we truly love it. We definitely could not 
have done this without Jeff’s help and understanding.
Jeff Keller is a unique and amazing individual in the customer service field. He truly 
understands the meaning and value of excellent customer service. Without his kindness and 
compassion, we definitely would not own the vehicle we currently do. We could not be 
happier. I hope that you are able to give Jeff the recognition he deserves for going above 
and beyond what anyone could have expected in our situation. He is certainly the reason 
that we will continue to purchase vehicles from Kocourek for years to come.
I have worked in customer service careers for over 10 years now. We have never been witness
to the outstanding level of service that we received in your dealership. We want you to 
know that we appreciate that treatment more than words could ever express. We have shared 
our story with anyone who is willing to listen because that is how much of an impression 
Jeff left on our lives.
We thank you for your time. We look forward to do business with Kocourek again.

Dear Doug,
Thank you very much for making my first car buying experience a pleasantry. It was very 
kind of you to get my car fixed free of charge and I cannot express how grateful I am for 
that. It runs so much better now, and I have a huge smile every time I go driving! Once 
again, I appreciate the help very much.
Jason Marshfield, WI

Keith Kocourek
1501 Morning Glory Lane
Wausau, WI 54401

Dear Mr. Kocourek,
I just had to let you know how pleased we were with the service done on our Nissan Murano, 
last Wednesday. We recently moved back to Wisconsin from Cody, Wyoming. I was unsure as to 
where to take our car for service. I was glad to find a Nissan dealer in Wausau.
Your Imports Service Center was very impressive, from the cleanliness of the intake area to
the professional atmosphere of the entire facility. Perry was very personable and extremely
Knowledgeable of what needed to be done on our car. Even though there were some major items
to be worked on, he arranged it so that we would have our car back the following day. He 
also set me up with a rental car. He is definitely an asset to your company.
I'm looking forward to my return visit for our next oil change. I'm definitely going to 
tell my friends about the extraordinary service I received at your facility.
Thank You,
Jean Merrill, WI

Kocourek Chevrolet
Keith Kocourek
1500 Morning Glory Lane
Wausau, WI 54401

It was so nice to finally meet you in Al's office last week. My father always had such nice
things to say about you.
Thanks to AI, John and Ray we were able to make a good deal on a new Ford F150 Lariat. 
Jerry & I picked it up yesterday and it's beautiful. The three guys were very professional 
yet extremely personable. They made us feel welcome and at home.
We are happy to keep our business local whenever possible. We feel it's important to 
patronize local businesses.
In fall we are hoping to trade my Expedition in for a smaller SUV. We will definitely be 
visiting Kocourek Ford again.
Jerry Weston, WI

Hey Tom-
Thanks for sending the e-mail. I also received a letter in the mail today from your 
dealership as a letter of thanks. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone back at 
Kocourek who had a hand in helping with the purchase of my new vehicle. I was pretty 
nervous as this is my first "new-new" car and my parents had nothing to do with it. With 
the last car I bought they were both involved and I had known the sales associate and had 
dealt with the dealership for many years. I was nervous to do this on my own but that is 
part of growing up!
I have only had the car 2 days but I am already very in love with it! It's a very smooth 
ride in the cobalt which is something I've never quite had before (though this makes it 
very easy to speed!!) My mom is slowly coming around though she refuses to go for a ride 
with me in it just yet! But.. .I did catch my dad driving it around the yard this morning!
I'll stop babbling. Thanks a lot for everything, Tom. You really did make it happen. I went
in Tuesday just to talk to you and came out Wednesday with a new car. I'm so excited!!! But
I'm also very overwhelmed. It's been a long week. Have a good weekend and I will see you 
Monday at the park!
Thank again,
Jami Athens, WI

Dear Mr. Kocourek:
I would like to extend my compliments and profound gratitude to your dealership and 
especially your Audi Service Department. A few weeks ago, my family and I were returning 
from a week vacation north of Rhinelander when my Audi A6 experienced serious and 
inexplicable engine problems. I telephoned my home dealership who provided me with the name
and phone number of your Wausau dealership. When I telephoned, Tim Johnson assisted me, 
assuring me that I would be able to drive my vehicle the 10 or so miles to your dealership 
and also promising that he would have a technician and a service bay available when I got 
there, so that I could get back on the road as soon as possible.
When I arrived at the dealership, I found things exactly as Mr. Johnson had promised. A 
service advisor assisted me right away, making an initial diagnosis of the problem within 1
minute of seeing the vehicle. The car was taken to the waiting technician and I was told to
come back in half an hour. When I did, the car had been repaired, tested for other problems
and test-drove to ensure there were no other problems. I was happy to have a working 
vehicle but anticipated the worst for the bill.  I was entirely at your mercy and braced 
myself for a bill with a large premium built in. Instead, what I was billed was incredibly 
fair. My experience with your business was stellar; I have nothing but praise for the good 
impressions left both by Tim Johnson and the dealership. I was impressed as well in the 
call I received a few days later, making sure I had made it home safely.
Please accept my compliments for the fine work of your staff. I regret only that Wausau is 
so far removed from Rochester, Minnesota because the work of your staff certainly won my 
business loyalty.
Best regards,

Dear Mr. Kocourek,
I am writing you to share with you what a great experience my husband and I just had at 
your Stewart Avenue location. We are a younger family and are expecting our second child 
within the next month, and we have grown out of our Ford Ranger; so we came to Kocourek 
looking to replace this truck.
Our Salesperson did a great job asking a lot of questions about our needs and did his best 
to pair us with the right vehicle. He was very thorough and really took the time to 
understand our wants and needs. He helped us decide on a Ford F150 with an extended cab.
With our unique situation, we had trouble getting a loan for the full amount that was 
needed. Your company worked very hard to get us qualified; even personally calling a few 
banks in the area. I am confident in saying that without your extra help; we would not have
obtained this loan to purchase our vehicle.
Our experience dealing with your dealership was very easy for us and enjoyable-we were very
pleased with every aspect of the service. Everyone was very helpful and really cared about 
our family and wanted to meet our needs. They were not there "just to make another sale". 
Because of our experience you can count on us to share our positive experience with people 
we know to send business in your direction.
Tim & Chrissy

Dear Sir,
On Tuesday, June 1st, had the pleasure of visiting your Ford Dealership in Wausau. As you 
may know JP Remington recommended that I look into purchasing a vehicle from your company.
I would like to thank you and your staff at the Kocourek Ford Dealership for outstanding 
during the purchase of my 2010 F-150. It is a pleasant surprise to be taken care of in such
a professional manner.
Kelly USAF Ret.
Merrill, WI

Dear Jose,
Thank you so much for all your help with our recent car problems. You have been so patient 
and helpful with your advice and scheduling, getting us in even at such short notice. It's 
great knowing you will be at the other end of the line when we call, no matter what the 
With gratitude and warmest regards,
Darlene and Dave

Just a note to thank you for your thoughtful attention and competent service you provided 
to us when our Volkswagen Golf broke down. Not only does the VW perform like new, but our 
reimbursement for the full cost of car rental arrived last week.
We appreciate your outstanding level of service and look forward to visiting Kocourek 
Imports again when the new VW diesel models are available for test driving.
Alan and Pauline

I recently purchased a new Ford Mustang from your Ford dealership. So far, I am very 
pleased with the car. Your sales staff was very helpful in finding what my needs were, and 
went out their way to see that everything was satisfactory after the sale.
My wife and I were treated with respect, everyone was very courteous, and all my questions 
were answered fully. It was a delightful experience.
Good luck on your new Ford dealership and I hope to do more business with you in the 
Thank you,

Dear Mr. Kocourek,
I have recently moved to Arbor Vitae, WI from Mobile, AL.
On the evening before I was to drive to Wisconsin, a light on my dashboard came on 
indicating poor tire pressure. The next morning I delayed my departure and took it to a 
Nissan dealership in Mobile, the dealership where I had purchased my Nissan Versa. 
I was informed that it was a recalled part needing replacement but the dealer would have to
order the necessary part. I explained that I was leaving immediately and they assured me 
that I could have the work done at the nearest Nissan dealership when I arrived in 
Wisconsin. They also assured me that it was safe to drive since they had "disconnected" the
part. When my fiancé and I called your dealership upon my arrival in Wisconsin, we spoke to Perry Burgard and he suggested that if we drove down from Arbor Vitae, over an hour away, he would be glad to complete the repair for me. When we arrived we were pleasantly greeted and speedily tended to by Mr. Burgard. Unfortunately, after calling the Nissan dealership in Mobile, Mr. Burgard was told that they had cleared the computer and Mr. Burgard was unable to correct the problem without the part "code" generated by my car's computer. He 
apologized and told me to return if/when the dash board light came on again which would 
enable him to read the necessary computer code to replace the defective part.
All of this is to tell you how very pleased and appreciative I was with the courtesy, 
speed, professionalism and follow up I have received from Mr. Burgard. He called me several weeks later to check that I was not having any problems and to offer any help I might need.
I cannot begin to compliment you on having the wisdom to hire someone who is so interested 
in taking care of your business as well as Mr. Burgard had demonstrated. I will continue to
drive the distance to your dealership for service and when the time comes will 
enthusiastically return to purchase another Nissan, in no small part due to the actions of 
Mr. Burgard. I am always quick to complain of inferior service when I receive it and so it is a pleasure to advise you of the wonderful treatment I have received.

Hi Tim,
My name is Kato, I had repair/maintenance work done to my Nissan Altima on Monday. I am 
writing to extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the tremendous customer 
service that Perry and the rest of your service department extended during this visit. From my first interaction with Perry, I was impressed. He was very professional and personable 
on the phone, clearly very knowledgeable and I was able to schedule my appointment 
considerable sooner than I expected. When I ran late for my appointment due to construction (I live in Minocqua), Perry was more than understanding when I called and told him my 
delay. Since my laundry list of issues was somewhat lengthy, I was also offered 
transportation to the destination of my choice, and although I walked to Starbucks, when 
the final estimate came out on what all needed to be done to my vehicle and that is was 
going to take most of the day, Perry made sure I had the name and number of someone who 
could provide transportation for me if needed a change in scenery. As promised, I was 
called immediately when my car was completed. To my surprise, the exterior was also 
thoroughly washed!
The cost estimate I was given for the repair and maintenance services was accurate and 
there were no surprise charges; on the contrary, I was given a surprise 10% off coupon that saved me over $100. At no point did I feel as though I was being hoodwinked into having 
repairs done that I may not need, and all the repairs and maintenance completed was 
explained in a way that I could readily understand. Perry followed up my service with a 
phone call the day after to check and see if I was satisfied with the way my car was 
running/working, and also gave me the estimate I had asked for on some other possible fixes my car may require in the near future.
I would not hesitate to recommend your service department to anyone service on their 
Import and I intend to have future repairs and maintenance done there as well. Please pass 
this e-mail on to Keith Kocourek. Perry is a valuable customer service asset to your 
organization and deserves recognition as such.
It was a pleasure doing business with your service department, and when the time comes to 
buy another Nissan you can bet I will be heading your way.
It was a pleasure working with you!

I have been very happy with the service of Kocourek Wausau Imports-I did not purchase my 
vehicle there and I was worried about the service I would receive. The "team" is WONDERFUL! 

I did stop at a dealership in Stevens Point once-not good-I was treated like "bother" so I 
will NEVER go back there again. Perry is wonderful! One time Perry was gone, and I went to 
one of the other service managers, they treated me just as good-I feel like I matter!

Dear Keith,
I wanted to take a moment and let you know of the outstanding customer experience I 
received at your dealership. I had wanted to trade my big car for something a bit smaller, 
yet safe and reliable. I was looking at cars when I was approached by your salesman Warren.
He took the time to listen to what I was looking for and very patiently let me drive 
different cars to see what the right fit was for me. Then after deciding on one car I ended
up taking another one.  Then I was introduced to Greg Jirschele. I cannot adequately 
express what a consummate professional he is and what great care he took of me. He was just
the absolute best I have ever dealt with. By the time I picked up the car I did not feel 
like just a customer but valued an appreciated customer. I truly enjoyed the car buying 
experience there and appreciate the care that I received.
The care is just great, just a problem with the passenger mirror and some lights out on the
instrument panel and it will be 100%. I know that I can trust them to get this taken care 
of for me. I just had to let you know that as a manager with Home Depot, I appreciate great customer  service and had to tell you that your team there is just first rate! I am the principal organist for one of the churches in town and also on the election board of Schofield so  I have lots of contacts both in and outside of work and I will be certainly telling one and all to come to your dealership. Thanks again and thank your team once again for me.

Dear Mr. Rosewicz:
We wanted to send a letter to you commending the customer service that we received from 
A.J. in your service department. We bought a Saab 9-5 Aero from Kocourek. Let me just say 
that we're very fortunate to have bought to extended warranty with this car because it has 
saved us more than it initially cost us. However, each time that we've had a problem or 
concern with our Saab, A.J. has gone out of his way to accommodate us and make us feel 
valued as a customer. You are very fortunate to have someone on your staff that really 
understands the meaning of “customer service", and is very knowledgeable about the vehicles
as well. We wanted to let you know that you have an outstanding gentleman in your service 
department. Please feel free to share our comments with AJ.
Jean & Jim

November 21, 2009
Mr. Keith Kocourek
Kocourek Automotive Group

Dear Mr. Kocourek,
We are writing this letter to you to make you aware of some outstanding service at
one of your dealerships, namely Kocourek Hyundai Kia on Grand Avenue.
Recently, our teenage daughter, who had just purchased a 2002 Hyundai Sonata
GLS from one of our family members, was the unfortunate victim of an accident
which resulted in the car being totaled, only five days after she had purchased it
While she was not seriously injured in the accident, for which we are very thankful
needless to say, this was devastating to her and us as this was the first car she
had ever owned. We have had such wonderful experiences in the past from your Wausau
Imports dealership, we decided to investigate the potentials with your Hyundai staff.
Needless to say, we just today, completed the purchase of, remarkably, a 2002
Hyundai Sonata LX, in immaculate condition, which, by the way, was exactly the
same color, same specs, and even had some upgraded features, all within our
price range! This was due to the vigilance of Jim Barwick and Travis. They were able to 
locate this vehicle at a dealership in Iowa within 24 hours of us coming to them, and did 
everything possible to work within our price range, and keep us informed every step of the 
way. The total turnaround in this transaction took less than 2 weeks, and we remain a very 
satisfied customer! We are glad that we could stay within the Kocourek "family", and are 
pleased to tell you that the level of service recently experienced at Kocourek Hyundai Kia 
equaled, and, in some ways, surpassed the quality we have come to expect within your 
company. Thank you very much, on behalf of our daughter and my wife. The personal and prompt services your staff delivers on a daily basis are truly rare in our experiences and need to be commended. Please pass our thanks along to Jim and Travis if you would be so kind. Best wishes to you during this upcoming holiday season, and thanks for the personal touch we have come to enjoy from your company!
Doug, Pat, and Abby Wausau, WI

Dear Keith:
Just a note to say thank you the Ford Staff for helping with my cancellation of my past 
warranties. It was a pleasure to do business with them and Kocourek Ford. They made me feel
very comfortable, because I was used to going to another dealer.  
Thanks for the great hospitality,

Dear Mr. Kocourek,
I just had to let you know how pleased we are with the service done on our Nissan Murano.
We recently moved back to Wisconsin from Cody, Wyoming. I was unsure as to where to take 
our car for service. I was glad to find a Nissan dealer in Wausau.
Your Imports Service Center was very impressive, from the cleanliness of the intake area to
the professional atmosphere of the entire facility. Perry was very personable and extremely
knowledgeable of what needed to be done on our car. Even though there were some major items
to be worked on, he arranged it so that we would have our car back the following day. He 
also set me up with a rental car. He is definitely an asset to your company.
I'm looking forward to my return visit for our next oil change. I'm definitely going to 
tell my friends about the extraordinary service I received at your facility.
Thank you,
Jean and George

Mr. Kocourek,
In early July, my family and I came up from Texas to visit our parents. I had planned to 
get some needed service work done to our Maxima that we had just acquired 2 weeks earlier. 
The nearest Nissan dealership from where we live (Paris, Texas) is 90-100 miles away. I did
not want to drive up a very fuel thirsty Dodge SRT-IO crew cab pick-up. We would have been 
lucky to get 12mpg (Averaged 22.6-29.2 in the Maxima for each tank of gas). As fate would 
have it, the newly acquired Nissan started displaying dismaying problems...
1. Would not start right away. It seemed like the ignition was killing the engine.
2. AC not blowing as cold as it should, could barely keep up with Texas heat.
3. Accessory belt squeal when you started it up and getting worse.
4. Drive axle slop and getting worse
5. Sluggish transmission shifting in and out of overdrive.
6. Oil needed changing
7. Air bag light blinking
8. Front-right window did not work
9. Needed license plate bracket, front grill emblem, emergency brake boot& 2 bump strips.
I just wanted to let you know that Perry Burgard, Service Advisor, was a pleasure to work 
with. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He did an excellent job of getting my 
vehicle serviced quickly and accurately for the trip home. The first 6 items were taken 
care of and items 7 & 8 were diagnosed for future repairs. The car was running great, I 
went ahead and ordered some of the body parts it needed from your dealership, item 9.
Perry was very short staffed when we brought our car in, so he did much of the work 
himself. As it turns out, he fixed the current problems and repaired a few things that had 
supposedly already been solved by one of our local automotive repair shops in our area that
the previous owner had tried to get fixed. He represented your dealership very well, in my 
opinion. I was so impressed with the running condition of the vehicle that I decided to 
return the vehicle to like new condition and have had the body work done on the vehicle.
The car has 162,000 miles on may not have been the best financial decision, but the
car runs like a top and is a rust free Texas vehicle that looks like new now! I wish I 
would have had before and after pictures.

Keep up the great work!
David C. Wausau, WI

Kocourek Service department has been outstanding.
William O. Mosinee, WI

They are great and wouldn't go anywhere else for service or a car/truck. They look after 
all my needs. Thanks for having a dealer like them.
Douglas M. Mosinee, WI

This is the first car I have ever bought, which made me ask to myself, will the customer 
service continue after I sign these papers...and Kocourek Chevrolet has exceeded my 
expectations. The service department is always there for whatever questions I have. I am 
always made to feel like part of the family at Kocourek, and I feel just as important as I 
did when I bought my car. Thanks!
Briana H. Wausau, WI

They're great!! Molly-service writer is super; Brian-service technician is very 
knowledgeable and very good at his job and is easy to talk to. Brian-service manager also 
very nice. I like their department so much, instead of another Ford pick-up I will buy a 
2500 Chevy when I am ready.
Michael B. Schofield, WI

Kocourek Service Technician, AJ was very courteous and helpful.
David B. Woodruff, WI

I always receive exceptional service at Kocourek Chevrolet.
Joyce K. Wausau, WI

Very enjoyable visit.
Sharon G. Wausau, WI

Friendly and prompt will buy there again!
Martin P. Ringle, WI

Very professional-Thank you.
William B. Stevens Point, WI

Kocourek service department went over and above being helpful with service on my vehicle!
Linda F. Schofield, WI

The people at Kocourek Chevrolet have always been very courteous, helpful, and very good at
explaining what needs to be done or what they did.
Patricia V. Mosinee, WI

Kocourek Chevrolet has always been most helpful every time we have had service performed 
there. In my opinion it should be the model for any dealership's service department!
Xavier M. Edgar, WI

Once again my expectations were exceeded by the professional & courteous Service staff, 
especially Chris, who returned my vehicle looking good if not better than the day I bought 
Jim C. Wausau, WI

Service department is awesome.
Harvey M. Wausau, WI

Great communication and service, a nice experience.
Timothy M. Weston, WI

Molly & A.J. have done awesome jobs for us-problems are pinpointed by them (service
advisors) & get the problem solved for us.
Terry H. Mosinee, WI

I feel they do a great job on all aspects of service and consulting me of what needed to be
Elizabeth S. Mosinee, WI

I refuse to take my vehicle to any other place! Excellent service!
Randy B. Athens, WI

Brian was friendly, polite and efficient.
Mary A. Schofield, WI

The service tech that assisted me was GREAT.
Wayne A. Mosinee, WI

Excellent, Excellent Service.
Michael L. Schofield, WI

Service advisor Molly always does a great job of figuring out the problem and keeping me 
Mark B. Wausau, WI

Enjoyed their good service.
Phillip B. Wausau, WI

Nice people in the service department.
Mary A. Schofield, WI

We have purchased cars from Terry Schuett for more than 10 years. He does an excellent job 
for Kocourek. He is always there for us.
Richard U. Hazelhurst, WI

The service department is the best in the state-they are always there to help you.
Curt L. Rothschild, WI

Excellent treatment much better than my previous dealer
Donald G. Gleason, WI

They have excellent service overall.
Edith T. Weston, WI

They are exceptional in every department! Super people and service!
Christine P. Schofield, WI

Molly Lang is always so pleasant. Goes beyond her expectations to help us. Just a super 
find-one in a million-people. A real sweetheart to deal with.
Frank D. Merrill, WI

Very happy with service department. Matt, A.J. and the other staff are very helpful even if
they are not the one I am working with.
Eric P. Wausau, WI

I am very pleased with this dealership!
Randy. B. Athens, WI

Very good service! Will do business with them again.
George D. Merrill, WI

It is a warm place to visit for service. A clean, neat and bright service and show room 
Duane A. Wausau, WI

Great dealership to work with, would recommend to friends and family.
Howie B. Rothschild, WI

What a nice dealership, all the people there are extremely helpful and we will go there 
Larry S. Gleason, WI

I'll be back!
Mary B. Weston, WI

Everyone was accommodating, energetic and enthusiastic. We are very satisfied with our 
purchase and the experience. Thank you.
Renee K. Athens, WI

Very courteous. Took a lot of time with us to find just the "right" vehicle. Sales
consultant offered to spend time on Sunday to drive to another dealership to pick up 
vehicle. Very impressive service!!
Bradley F. Wausau, WI

Out of five GM new car stores, Kocourek Chevrolet was the only dealer that stocked a LTZ 
Chevy pick-up, which was nice!!
Glenn N. Medford, WI

Kocourek makes you feel so comfortable. They make buying vehicles so easy. Salesman Charlie
Sann rocks!
Troy C. Wausau, WI

I think that all of Kocourek employees were very helpful and professional people. My sales 
consultant was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in our purchase. Thanks again.
James K. Wausau, WI

Thank you everyone was so nice, very helpful. The building is beautiful and clean. I have 
already recommended two people to your dealership.
Bessie G. Hatley, WI

A+++--Mark S. Milladore, WI

I have bought my last 5 cars from Kocourek Chevrolet (at that time it was Jim Carter) and 
Travis sold my last 3, don't EVER let him go. He goes over the top to make you happy and 
when I leave the dealership I am.
Jamison B. Stevens Point, WI

Great dealership, they have ensured that I will continue to own a Chevrolet. I have only 
owned GM products for 30 years.
Elmer G. Amherst, WI

If we were not satisfied we would not have purchased 12+ vehicles new and used from this 
Glen H. Athens, WI

I would most definitely recommend Kocourek Chevrolet to friends and/or family. They really 
know how to satisfy their customers.
Melanie Z. Rib Lake, WI

Excellent Service! I'll always begin my future vehicle shopping at Kocourek Chevrolet.
Bernard K. Rhinelander, WI

I love my relationship with Kocourek Chevrolet. My sales consultant, Terry Schuett is #1.-
Beverly M. Schofield, WI

They made it so easy.-Eugene K. Wausau, WI

Very good dealer, salesman was outstanding.
James N. Wausau, WI

A very fine place to do business.
Roger Y. Merrill, WI

Thank you for making my first car purchase a pleasant experience!
Jennifer M. Wausau, WI

Very professional and friendly.
Mark B. Hatley, WI

Extremely helpful staff, I had 4 people at the same time helping me find the truck I wanted
and they did.
Mike S. Stevens Point, WI

Very good job by "Kocourek Chevrolet", very nice salesman. Thank you.
Gerald F. Hartford, WI

Four Stars!
Dennis N. Rib Lake, WI

Everyone was very polite and very customer orientated (Very happy with the service we 
Ronald B. Unity, WI

Good dealership. Very good people. Our salesman was the best.
Larry N. Rudolph, WI

A pleasure to do business with.
Andrew M. Wausau, WI

I was completely satisfied with the sales process and sales staff.
Fred S. Marshfield, WI

Very professional & customer oriented; no hassle salesmanship.
Charles M. Schofield, WI

My buying experience was a pleasant one.
Darrell. S. Gleason, WI

This is a great dealership. All of the associates I had contact with were very 
knowledgeable and friendly. They called me several times to make sure I was happy with my 
purchase. When I took my car back to have a signature finish applied it was done when they 
said it would be. I have never had this happen at a dealership before. I would definitely 
buy my next vehicle here.
Lisa C. Stevens Point, WI

Our sales rep that assisted us was courteous and professional. We will definitely purchase 
again through him and Kocourek Motors.
Bruce K. Plover, WI

Everything was great.
Victor B. Wausau, WI

They are friendly and helpful, know the vehicle they sell.
Barbara B. Wausau, WI

Our salesperson was very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. Great to work with. 
Respectful and always returned our call.
James G. Stevens Point, WI

I purchased my last two Chevrolet's from Kocourek and have been completely satisfied with 
both the sales and service departments. Keep up the great work!
Scott D. Wausau, WI

I'm very happy with my new car and if my children need a car I would recommend Kocourek.--
-Janet W. Owen, WI Great people at Kocourek Chevrolet. Never had an easier time buying a 
vehicle. I'll be back some day, I'm sure.
Terry Z. Plover, WI

Our salesman is 95% of the reason I returned to Kocourek Chevrolet. He is young but 
remarkably a genuine person and talented in working with people!
Barbara K. Amherst, WI

The people were very polite and helpful to both my wife and I. We would go back if we needed 
another vehicle.
Robert T. Mosinee, WI

Terry Schuett is a great salesperson and the people who work in the garage part (Molly, 
A.J., Chris, and the technicians) are very good.
Pamela B. Wausau, WI

Salesman and sales manager were extremely enthusiastic when greeting our family.
They were not just out for a quick sale! They made our 8 year old son feel important while 
he waited for us to fill our paperwork.
Richard W. Wausau, WI

Terry Schuett was our salesperson on the last 4 Chevrolet's purchased from Kocourek 
Chevrolet. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for a great buying experience. We love our 
new extended cab 4x4. Molly Lang in the service department does a great job.
Brian B. Wausau, WI

Even though Kocourek is about 40 miles away, I will definitely buy a vehicle from them 
Joseph G. Stevens Point, WI

Everyone was exceptionally courteous, professional and informative. We felt very at ease 
and comfortable. Thank you!
William J. Vesper, WI

Excellent service from this dealership. Todd H. Weston, WI

I have met some of the nicest people on the planet at Kocourek. They have a loyal customer 
for life.
Aaron F. Wausau, WI

Terry did a great job. We have purchased from him before and we will again when needed. 
Thanks Terry.
Tom & Barbara P. Wisconsin Rapids, WI

They went above and beyond. They took care of everything I asked for and it was on the 
phone. They did a wonderful job.
Jess D. Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I was very pleased with sales and the dealership.
Troy D. Wausau, WI

Excellent Experience!
Linda J. Wausau, WI

Very happy with the truck and the price. Very happy with our sales consultant. He was very 
friendly and seemed excited to talk and show me the vehicles.
Greg S. Mosinee, WI

The Kocourek team is #1.
Patrick K. Wausau, WI
Keep up the good work.
Leo G. Bancroft, WI
This dealership restored my faith in new and used car sales. If I ever need to purchase 
another vehicle, Kocourek will get my business.
Wayne S. lola, WI

Keep up the friendly service and you will always have our business.
Donald F. Antigo, WI

All the salesmen were very professional and treated us very well.
William G. Wittenberg, WI

We will see you again next year when we buy a new car.
John N. Wausau, WI

The best salesman I ever met. We will always come back.
Lloyd G. Wausau, WI

Second vehicle purchased from Mike Wasmundt & service by Ron Huebsch at Kocourek. Can 
answer any question or if not will find us an answer. THANKS TO BOTH!!
Steven K. Marathon, WI

Found them to be very nice & helpful. Really like working with this dealership. Very happy 
Kristina M. Stevens Point, WI

My first Chevy EVER!! Our salesman is great. Thank you for the great deal
Joe S. Hatley, WI

Just love the car and the dealership very nice and clean!
Wilfred G. Weston, WI

This was a great dealership to deal with, the sales team we worked with was the reason we 
purchased the Cobalt. What a great team they have at Kocourek. P.S. GM has seen the light 
and has make a very fine small car, the foreign companies have nothing over GM quality.
Paul Z. Wausau, WI

I cannot say enough good things about Travis Tilton and the rest of the Kocourek Chevrolet 
employees. Everyone was extremely helpful and seemed to go to the extra mile to make sure 
my wife and I were satisfied.
Kevin S. Marshfield, WI

We enjoyed dealing with sales rep.Terry Schuett.
Kenneth S. Hancock, WI

Great Team!!-Roman H. Wausau, WI

I appreciate the professional, courteous service. The staff made sure I was comfortable 
with my new vehicle and assured me they were available for any questions and/or concerns I 
might have in the future.
Kay Y. Wausau, WI

Your building is cleaner than other Ford dealerships. Our salesman really listened to us. 
Thank you.-David P. Bancroft, WI
Always do a great job plus very friendly!
Dana F. Amherst, WI

I've never had a service center as concerned about my satisfaction.
Donald G. Rothschild, WI

The service man that I dealt with was absolutely courteous and just a super guy.
Joseph G. Stevens Point, WI

Very impressed with the service calls to date. Especially since I didn't buy the vehicle at 

their dealership. Based on the service, I will definitely consider buying my next vehicle 
at Kocourek.
Robert M. Wausau, WI

Molly Lang, is the best service person I or my wife has ever worked with at any dealership 
period. Outstanding customer service and knowledgeable of anything service related.
Mike P. Schofield, WI

Great dealership/excellent staff.
Todd H. Weston, WI

Was called right away in the am (left overnight-towed) to let me know they were on the job. 

Kept in touch throughout the day. Thanks!
Lori S. Merrill, WI

The dealership is great. They are very helpful. Molly was wonderful and kept in contact 
with me.
Eric B. Schofield, WI

Molly is very easy to work with, is very nice and super friendly.
Carolyn L. Schofield, WI

Mark Co Schofield, WI

Always had good service with Kocourek.
James B. Stevens Point, WI

Great dealer to buy vehicles and receive service from.
Dan B. Wausau, WI

Great Service
Theodore G. Mosinee, WI

I've just had the car 10 months and am very satisfied and plan to continue with 
Chevrolet. Nancy R. Wausau, WI

Excellent service thank you.
Donald G. Wausau, WI

Molly was very friendly.
Bradley D. Wausau, WI

Kocourek is by far head and heals above the rest in Customer Service! My new job is taking 
me to another city and I am sad that I will be too far away to continue business with 
Kocourek-An A+ Dealership!
Steven G. Wausau, WI

Pleasant experience-staff was knowledgeable and professional. Waiting room is very nice. 
Wireless is a big plus.
Timothy M. Weston, WI

Molly-Service Advisor was fantastic! Very helpful.
David H. Mosinee, WI

I'm very happy with the service I receive from Jose and Matt. I've purchased three cars 
from Wausau Imports over my life time, my next purchase will also be from Wausau Imports. 
You have been very good to me over the years and I appreciate it greatly. I love my VW.

Matt and Jose are excellent service folks to work with. Matt is one of the best I've worked
with in my 50 some years of driving and service work on my POV's. Thanks Guys!!!!!

I was and have always been 100% satisfied with the service. I would recommend this 
dealership to anyone who is looking for exceptional auto service!

Matt was a jewel! You are lucky to have Matt representing VW/ & your Dealership! The young 
tech who came out and helped my wife with pairing her phone with 'Bluetooth' was very 
considerate and helpful. My experience at your VW dealership was positive. Thank you, R.

The nicest dealership I have been to, nice place, nice staff, very good service.
I brought my car into Kocourek without an appointment, as it required unexpected service on
my way back to Milwaukee where I live. I explained my situation and that I was trying to 
get back to Milwaukee as soon as possible. While Jose (my service technician) was very busy
that day, he was quick to accommodate my needs and found time to look at my car almost 
immediately. The service he performed was high quality, and I appreciate the efforts that 
Kocourek took to serve my needs.

This is my first Volkswagen and we are very pleased with the vehicle. I was unsure about 
having to go to Wausau for service, being in St. Germain, but the whole experience was 
great and easy!  Matt even gave the kids Volkswagen stickers and a pin! They loved it! 

My service consultant, Matt, was the best (most responsive and knowledgeable) that I've 
encountered in more than a decade of owning VWs. My vehicle broke down hundreds of miles 
from home and the problem was not obvious by any means. If it hadn't been for Matt and his 
team, I would have been stranded. Instead, I was driving my repaired (and fully 
operational) vehicle home the same day it was towed in for service. A+

The staff at Kocourek Wausau Imports is always. They make getting my car 
serviced a hassle free and friendly experience. Best service I have ever had.